Wednesday, 26 March 2008

We all have to start somewhere.....

Well, here it is. My first ever post on my brand new Blog!

A couple of months ago, I would never even have dreamt of doing this - I hadn't even started card making at the beginning of the year so starting up a Blog is a fairly big step I suppose!

Whilst my main reason for setting up my Blog is to share ideas with other people, I am also keen to {hopefully!} make some new crafty friends.

So....lets just hope you all like my creations!

Lots of Love,

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Juliet said...

Well done - your blog looks great, and looking forward to seeing your creations. It's really nice to receive comments, so I'm glad I'm the first, lol!

Juliet xx

Vicki said...

hello Stacey and welcome to the truly addictive world of blogging. Your blog looks fab, will pop by and visit you regularly now I know where you are. Beware though blogging seriously cuts into valuable crafting time, but it's sooooo much fun and you meet some truly lovely friendly peeps. Happy blogging/crafting xx vicki xx aka do crafter codycrafts

Manda said...

Hiya Stacy, well, you've really gone and done it now haven't you lol. Good luck with your blog hun, I'm absolutely terrified of mine at the minute but i'm sure i'll get used to it. Thanks for the push! Hugs, Mand xxx