Saturday, 8 September 2012

Oh dear...

I was about to launch in to some serious crafting. However think I might need to do some serious tidying first. Boo hiss.
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sassy said...

lol!!!!!!!! its not as bad as mine...mines a rigt tip...youd be shocked hehhe..end up working in a 4 inch square on a huge desk now deffo cant be right .note to myself TYDY UP...hugs sassyxxxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Ha Ha
OMG that was my deskspace yesterday.
My hubby said "You have a whole room to yourself and you are crafting on a 4"x4" bit of table!!
I thoght it was about time i put stuff away.
This morning it is like a new room...looks gorgeous and lots of craft space.
Go on then Stacey, get cleaning up!

Julie said...

It's not a patch on my heap,lol,last time I tidied I misplaced my mojo! Took ages to find it so I'm reluctant to do it again;)