Monday, 14 July 2008

Duck Tales, Woo-Hoo!

Hi Guys, I know it's not exactly craft related but I had the best lunch break today and I just had to share it with you! Working at Southampton University we are really lucky as we have some lovely landscaped grounds to go and sit in. Consequently, whenever the weather is nice, Ali and I grab the blanket and turn lunch into a picnic. Today was no exception. So, there we are, minding our own business, eating our lunch when we are {literally} attacked by the local wildlife! There are several families and we've watched them grow from tiny little yellow chicks. Its the highlight of the summer for the entire campus! Aren't they gorgeous?!

Apologies for the cleavage and the, ahem, stomache tyre(s) but I just had to share these pics with you! I love the way they are climbing all over me, so sweet! Once they realised all the food was gone, one actually settled down in my lap and had a snooze. I know, it sounds unbelievable but I promise its true :o)

If you can put up with my horrendous voice (we never sound like we think we sound do we?!), check out this fab video Ali took on his phone...

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was great Stacey..TFSI wish the weather was as nice as that here to:)

Sheila said...

im a sucker for little furry and feathery things too. sooo cute!