Friday, 4 April 2008

I've Been Tagged Twice! Argh!

I am pleased to announce that I have been tagged by both Janet & Debs! Now, the rules of the game are that I now have to reveal 7 bizarre/interesting/random facts about myself. Technically, as I've been tagged twice, I think I should probably be revealing 14 facts about myself. However, a) I can't think of that many interesting facts about myself and b) I don't want to bore you to tears. So, I think I'd better just stick to 7! Here we go.........
  1. I grew up in a house on the seafront on the sunny Isle of Wight. And no, I don't have webbed feet or 7 fingers on each hand!
  2. I have a degree in English. This does not however mean that I can spell. Because I can't.
  3. I would quite happily exist for the rest of my life on pitta bread, houmous and olives.
  4. I have a ridiculous adoration of giraffes. Obsessed is a word some may use.
  5. I eat all my food in sections and refuse to put more than one food type onto my fork at any one time. Food has to be eaten in order - vegetables, potatoes, meat.
  6. Due to fact number 5, it takes me HOURS to eat a stirfry.
  7. My boyfriend is the 2008 Winter Swimming World Champion!

So there we go. Still awake?! Well, the 3 people I now choose to nominate are....... Jools, Sharon and Chris.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for that Stacey !! I've been tagged by Janet & Cass as well LOL!! Thank goodness it's not like PIF, I'm struggling for 7 facts never mind 21 !!
Sharon x
P.S 2 of my daughters eat their meals in sections, I've made a note never to give them stir fry LOL!!